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Search by state or zip code in the above map to find training programs, schools, colleges & universities near you that offer welding related programs.

As you search and check out a school’s website, take note of factors that are important to you, like:

  • Location of school or facility
  • Cost of program or courses
  • AWS certifications offered
  • Availability of online or hybrid (mix of in-class time and online/computer time) courses
  • Apprenticeship or internship, if applicable

Map Key and Features

The American Welding Society School Locator map displays post-secondary schools with welding or closely related programs. The map may indicate that schools are one or more of the following:

AWS Educational Institution Member

  • AWS Educational Institution Members maintain the highest standards in welding education.
  • Membership ensures professionalism and expertise of faculty and staff.

SENSE School

SENSE, or Schools Excelling through National Skills Standards Education, is a comprehensive set of minimum standards and guidelines for welding education programs.

  • SENSE School Level 1 – For Entry Level Welders. Students can earn up to 4 certificates of completion; one for each process they complete.
  • SENSE School Level 2 – For Advanced Level Welder. Students can earn up to 9 certificates of completion; one for each process.

Learn about the benefits of attending an AWS SENSE School.

AWS Accredited Test Facility

  • Schools that are also Accredited Test Facilities (ATFs) can conduct testing for the AWS Certified Welder program.
  • To search all ATFs in your area, which may include manufacturing facilities, independent labs, or businesses, visit the ATF Locator.
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