As a third-generation welder, Anthony Gates Mafra learned how to work with metal from his father. His career has allowed him to see different parts of the world, and now is helping him settle down to raise his own family.

Over 40 years in welding has given Steve Catherman a stable, rewarding career – from providing for his family to working in different industries to preparing for retirement. Watch to learn Steve’s best advice for starting a new career in the welding field, including thoughts on schooling, reputation management and more.

Zach Taylor started his career in construction, but realized it was not the career for him. He went back to school for motorsports fabrication and excelled in his program. He now owns his own custom fabrication shop.

Watch the above video to hear Zach talk about working in the welding field, his custom motorsports projects and above all the benefits of being his own boss.

The first time Tony Bilski tried welding, it changed his life forever. Now he runs his own fabrication company and has been hired for projects across the country.

As a welding apprentice, Jason Hammer found a way to make good money out of high school and work a job he’s passionate about.

For Stephanie Hoffman, welding isn’t just a job – it’s part of her identity. Learn how welding has allowed her to pursue her artistic passion and find a career she loves.