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How to make good money out of high school as a welder

Welding can be a career you can start within a year of graduating. Learn what welders do, how much they make, and how to get trained.

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Six figures, zero cubicles – breaking down high-paying welding jobs

With a career in welding, you could make $100,000 a year or more – without being stuck in a cubicle. Learn about high-paying welding jobs.

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How long does it take to start a career in welding?

Welding training is available through technical schools, community colleges and apprenticeships. Learn how to start your career in 1 to 4 years.

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8 awesome careers in welding you probably didn’t know about

Whether you like cutting-edge technology, motorsports, art or just have a sense of adventure, there’s a perfect job for you in welding.

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Have these skills? You may have what it takes to become a welder

If you’re looking for the perfect career, having any of these 6 natural skills could help you become a successful welder. 

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For Stephanie Hoffman, welding is not just a job – it is part of her identity. Learn how welding has allowed her to pursue her artistic passion and find a career she loves.

As a third-generation welder, Anthony Gates Mafra learned how to work with metal from his father. His career has allowed him to see different parts of the world, and now is helping him settle down to raise his own family.

The first time Tony Bilski tried welding, it changed his life forever. Now he runs his own fabrication company and has been hired for projects across the country.

As a welding apprentice, Jason Hammer found a way to make good money out of high school and work a job he’s passionate about.

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