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  • Communicate job expectations and performance requirements to welders
  • Serve as a liaison with designers, clients and other stakeholders to maximize efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction  
  • Initiate, coordinate and enforce production, safety, and quality systems, policies, and procedures
  • Ensure that all welding meets the specified requirements before inspection is initiated
  • Ensure that welded material and consumables meet specifications

Education & Training

Education and training that can lead to a successful career may include:

Minimum Education

Associate degree in welding, metals fabrication, engineering technology, etc.

Recommended Education

Certificate in welding, metals fabrication, industrial management, etc.

Advanced Education

Bachelor’s degree in welding, welding engineering, industrial/project management, etc.

Recommended Training

Related welding and management work experience

Advanced Training

Apprenticeship program

Recommended Certification

AWS Certified Welder, AWS Certified Welding Supervisor, AWS Certified Welding Inspector

Essential Skills

  • Organized and detail oriented
  • Leadership and teaching/mentoring
  • Optimize welding productivity and performance
  • Interpret welding symbols and technical drawings
  • Knowledge of welder and welding safety standards
  • Project management methodology

Work Environment

Many Welding supervisors work in manufacturing or shop environments, however some field or travel opportunities are available.

Top Industries



Automotive, Agricultural, Military & Defense, Maritime, Aviation, etc.


Power Generation, Oil & Gas Service, Heavy Equipment Repair, Industrial Maintenance, Maritime


Motorsports, Aerospace, Railroad, Maritime


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