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Wesley Guntharp
Diver/ Underwater Welder
Miami Diver Inc.
Miami, FL

An article on underwater welding sounded interesting. I had never touched a welding machine in my life until I went to technical college, but it turns out I was good at it.

High School:  Valley View High School
Jonesboro, AR
College:  Black River Tecnical College, Topside Welding Certificate
Pocahontas, AR
Commercial Diving Academy
Jacksonville, FL

Welding Photo

Ashley Webel
  Category: Student Videos
Ashley is a certified welding inspector for RoMan Engineering in Michigan. She will also be featured in the Women in Welding video that is shown on the Careers in Welding trailer as it tours the country.
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Veronica Gonzalez
  Category: Student Videos
Another woman takes center stage for our Welder in the Spotlight series. This time it's Veronica Gonzalez, a welder at NASA who works on all types of projects. She even has the chance to weld pieces for the jetpacks the astronauts wear during their spacewalks!
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Sydnee Brey
  Category: Student Videos
Sydnee Brey is a welding student at Lynnes Welding & Training in North Dakota. She says she got into welding after deciding to take a class on a whim during high school. Since then she's been hooked. Now she has dreams of traveling the world working on different welding projects and doing what she loves.
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Roman Weasel
  Category: Student Videos
Roman Weasel is a welding student at Lynnes Welding Training in Bismarck, ND. In the last few months he's fallen in love with welding, and now hopes to make a career out of it.
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Samuel Torres
  Category: Student Videos
Samuel Torres is a student at Lynnes Welding Training in Fargo, ND. He says he had a troubled past, but welding has given him a second chance. He spends his days in the shop learning different processes and techniques, and says he dreams of one day becoming an underwater welder.
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Bobby Counts
  Category: Student Videos
Bobby Counts lives in Fargo, ND and is currently staying at the YWCA shelter for women. The shelter helped Bobby find an educational program at North Dakota State College of Science, and because of some previous experience she decided to try welding.
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Christian Gonzalez
  Category: Student Videos
Christian Gonzalez is an ironworker at the Local 444 in Joliet, IL. He says he's worked a lot of odd jobs in his life, but welding is the one he loves the most. It fills him with a sense of accomplishment, and he says the money is pretty good too.
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Shane Savage
  Category: Student Videos
Shane Savage is a United States veteran who is overcoming many obstacles to earn a career in welding. He's earning his welding training thanks to a program called the "Veteran Welding Training Program" offered by the United Automobile Workers and Ford.
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Jeremy Marquardt
  Category: Student Videos
United States veterans can face a lot of adversity after returning from war. But Jeremy Marquardt has found help and security in a welding training program offered to veterans by Ford and the United Auto Workers.
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